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Provide WWM Desktop (Windows,Web,Mobile) and Development Tools.

Windows Explorer
Design windows desktop with browser capability and run/execute any desktop, web and mobile applications.
By default display windows explorer with home tab (Where user can see shortcut)
From windows explorer user can open any web site/application or mobile app.
Display taskbar in the bottom of the windows explorer
Provide 'Run As' button with addressbar in Windows explorer.
Rightnow we can open DOS command from windows explorer, it is good but not complete features.
Provide other options in popup window if we have typed/selected any filename.
Provide facility to execute any file from explorer
Provide supports for Windows, Unix, Linux by hybrid OS (Now no limitation for Harddisk space).
If possible, Provide supports to execute android, iOS,iPhone app from this WWM Desktop.

Visual Studio
1) Common Application Development for Desktop, Web and Mobile.
2) After compilation, user can run same application from Personal Computer, Browser and Mobile.
3) Provide publishing methods (i.e. Desktop / Web / Mobile / Desktop-Web / Web-Mobile / Desktop-Web-Mobile etc..)
4) Operating System should be capable to run any web / mobile / windows / desktop application
5) Provide MS-SQL with option of NO-SQL and it will work like mongodb. Also, provide facility to convert T-SQL.
6) Provide Toolbox/Controls for Graphic Design with Shapes like CAD.

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