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Multilanguage support with latest technologies (MVC5, EF6 code first, Identity Framework 2.0)

I already read so many articles, tutorials, blog posts about how to implement multilanguage support for ASP.NET MVC site. I know the most complete one is Nadeem Afana's blog post. But I little but confused when I try to implement with latest tools and technologies.

I would be very happy with a complete guide about how to build a multilanguage ASP.NET site which covers a following areas:

- How to define EF6 code first models to support multilingual content in db, including field name translation for razor view's models?
- How to detect user's language and store his choice with IF 2.0
- How to translate and manage validation messages?
- How to translate and manage error messages?
- Best practices for dynamic and static translated contents?

+ How to translate the complete URL-s and manage them with custom Routes? Not just put a lang part but translate the whole url string:

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    As I wrote before I know Nadeem's blog. Its very good to start but not a complete tutorial. There is nothing about db side nor EF, no guide for best n-tier, repository pattern integration etc. Linked article just about client side.

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