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Support for Multi-dimentional array using javascript or knockout.js

If json parses and renders the data by key pair-value, we have a need that in order to transfer the data from server to client as light as possible and as fast as possible we are using multidimensional array.

var json21 = {[[[CompetitionId:11871,CompetitionName:'Australia Hyundai A League'],
[MatchHome:'Newcastle Jets',MatchAway:'Gold Coast United'],[[HomeAhOdd:'2.05',AwayAhOdd:'1.87',HomeHandicap:'-1',AwayHandicap:'+1'],
['HomeOuOdd:2.11',AwayOuOdd:'1.80',GoalLine:'3',MatchId:9926912,MatchDate:'03/09/12 17:00']]]]};

Multidimensional array
var json21 = { 'd' : [[[11871,'Australia Hyundai A League'],
['Newcastle Jets','Gold Coast United'],[['2.05','1.87','-1','+1'],
['2.11','1.80','3',9926912,'03/09/12 17:00']]]};

As you notice multidimensional array is lighter and transfer data faster compare to json key-pair value approach.

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Multi-dimensional arrays are now support in JSON.NET version 4.5.8 or later.

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